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1New Powerful Copper Ore Companiesin Kazakhstan 10.08.201718.10.2017
2New technologies application to solve practical challenges in exploration and development of HC in the Russian sector of Caspian Sea 15.10.201319.06.2015
3Noise-resistant processing of electrocardiosignal in MATLAB 20.04.201620.04.2016
4Non-cyanide Leaching Processes in Gold Hydrometallurgy and Iodine-Iodide Applications: A Review 14.05.201522.10.2015
5Novel high-molecular multifunctional reagent for the improvement of crude oil properties 26.07.201414.10.2015
6Novel macroporous amphoteric gels: Preparation and characterization 26.11.201116.10.2014
7Novel process for coating textile materials with silver to prepareantimicrobial fabrics 21.02.201304.02.2015
8Numerical check of a 2DOF transmission for wind turbines 20.10.201521.10.2015
9Numerical investigation of a planetary drive for wind mills 15.11.201618.11.2016
10Numerical study of focusing parameters of a five-electrode cathode lens with the rotational symmetry of the field 17.04.201525.09.2015
11N-изопропилакриламид негізіндегі гидрогельдердің қасиетін зерттеу 12.04.201522.10.2015
12N-изопропилакриламид сополимерлері негізіндегі жартылай өзара енетін торлар 15.08.201316.01.2015
13Obtaining and investigation of graphene 25.09.201419.10.2015
14On conтrol of оне class of discrete мarкov processes with special вeference то: equipмenт мainтenance 03.10.197419.06.2013
15On one imbedding into class of continuous mixed derivatives 29.06.201529.06.2015
16On propagation of fluids in rocks oil reservoir under pressure 18.04.201417.01.2015
17On propagation of fluids in rocks oil reservoir under pressure 09.02.201417.01.2015
18On relationship between partial module of smoothness and best approximation in different mixed norms 07.11.201523.11.2015
19On solvability of boundary value problem of magnetic gas dynamics with cylindric and spherical symmetries 10.08.201622.09.2016
20On some trends in construction improvements of rock cutting tools for drilling oil and gas wells 19.12.201519.12.2015
21On the distribution of cell cycle generation times 01.06.198229.05.2014
22On the issue of analytical and emperial criteria application for rock failure assessment 22.04.201522.10.2015
23On the relationship between models of nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems with time delay 06.12.201217.09.2015
24On the stability of circular and spiral orbits in nonstationary gravitational field 21.10.201421.10.2015
25On the water supply and disposal program “Akbulak” for the period of 2011-2020, being realized in Kazakhstan 15.04.201325.07.2013
26Open Cast Mining in Kazakhstan Under Market Conditions 08.09.200808.02.2012
27Open pit mining technology of steeply dipping mineral occurences by steeply inclined sublayers 29.06.201727.07.2017
28Optimal control for combustion process 01.12.201423.10.2015
29Optimal Control of Blending and Melting of Copper Concentrates 20.11.201504.03.2016
30Optimal control system of diesel automotive engineering by example of open pit motor transport 01.01.201416.01.2015
31Optimal Design for a Leading Kinematical Chain of An Eight - Linked Planar Load - Lifting Linkage 05.05.201406.01.2015
32Optimal Design for a Leading Kinematical Chain of An Eight-Linked Planar Load- Lifting Linkag 05.05.201419.10.2015
33Optimal Design for a Leading Kinematical Chain of An Eight-Linked Planar Load- Lifting Linkage 05.05.201413.06.2014
34Optimal Design of Leading Kinematical Chain of Eight Linked Planar Load Lifting Linkage 10.11.201401.12.2014
35Optimal mining development algorithm on the adjacent sites of the quarry field 08.09.200808.02.2012
36Optimal regional economic policy based on the parametric control theory and one global model 21.07.201522.02.2016
37Optimization of mining schedule during safe development of working zones along steeply inclined open pit edges 29.08.201705.09.2017
38Optimization of Placement of the Working Zone at the Inclined Coal Deposits 15.10.201106.01.2012
39Optimization of the cement slurry 29.05.201525.06.2015
40Optimization of the complex of cars maintenance works in operation 30.10.201427.10.2015
41Optimization of the ore flow quality characteristics in the quarry in road-rail transport 22.04.201522.10.2015
44Optimization structure of autoclaved aerated concrete 07.12.201604.01.2017
45Optimum control of electric smilting process of copper concentrates 01.12.201420.10.2015
46Optyczna metoda diagnostyki gazu syntezowego z biomasy 20.09.201603.11.2016
47Oracle 11g R2 ортасында дерекқорларды қорғау элементтерін жүзеге асыру 12.04.201511.06.2015
48Oracle 11g деректер қорын басқару жүйесінде деректерді қорғауды ұйымдастыру 12.04.201511.06.2015
49Ore minerals of Carboniferous Copper Sediment-Hosted Zhezkazgan deposit (Central Kazakhstan) 01.09.201410.10.2015
51Ore-bearing strata lithology of the Zhezkazgan copper sandstones deposit 21.06.201318.03.2014
52Organization of computational processes in distributed cloud environments 28.07.201521.10.2015
53Organization of Computing Processes in the Large Heterogeneous Distributed Systems 24.10.201314.01.2015
54Organization of reliable and secure database with encryption 26.04.201802.05.2018
55Oxidation Condition and Metal Fertility of Granitic Magmas: Zircon Trace-Element Data from Porphyry Cu Deposits in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt 01.09.201522.10.2015
56P2P ақпарат алмасу желісі негізгі принциптері,хаттамалары 05.12.201209.10.2015
57Paleotectonic and paleothermal development of oil-gas productive formations of the eastern part of Precaspian basin 07.04.201524.10.2015
58Paleothermal evolution and oil window beginning in the upper palaezoic source rocks of the eastern part of the Precaspian basin 15.09.201422.01.2015
59Paleothermicity and hydrocarbons generation of the eastern part of the precaspian basin and pre-uralian basin (Kazakhstan) 27.10.200610.01.2012
60Paleovalleys mapping using remote sensing 24.06.201414.01.2015
61Paleozoic regional tectonics of minor plates and its base 06.08.200818.02.2015
62Parametric Control of Macroeconomic Indicators Volatility of the Regional Union’s Countries Based on One Global Multi-Country Model 15.10.201403.03.2015
63Paзpaбoткa имитaциoннoй мoдeли «тoчнo во время». 24.10.201414.10.2015
64Peculiarities of implementing non-transport technology to develop overburden in coal mines 15.10.200708.02.2012
65Peculiarities of the Formation of National Identity of the Kazakh Diaspora 03.10.201403.10.2014
66Pedagogical aspect of training professional English for specific purpose 15.04.201312.01.2015
67Perspectives of porphyry copper mineralizations in zhongar balkhash fold system (Kazakhstan) 18.06.201510.10.2015
68Philological disciplines as means of preparation of students to professional activity 03.11.201415.12.2014
69Phonon interaction of Ultrasound Waves in Condensed Media 30.10.201413.01.2015
70Phosphorite charge palletizing process control system 06.05.201206.05.2013