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1Metaphorische Konyeptualisierung und Verbalisierung der Objekte des technischen Weltbildses 21.03.201318.06.2014
2Method for determining the tritium concentration using the effects of dissociation of molecular beams of hydrogen isotopes on thin Carbon Films 01.10.201106.01.2012
3Method of automatic measurements of drilling mud quality parameters 29.12.201329.01.2014
4Method of Computing Open Pit Slopes Stability of Complicated-Structure Deposits 30.12.201330.01.2015
5Method of Determining the Dynamic Structure Parameters of Industrial Stochastic Object 15.04.201314.01.2015
6Method of distribution of data streams in a switching element 12.06.201223.06.2014
7Method of glitch reduction in DAC with weight redundancy 25.09.201505.05.2016
8Method of intensity assessment of power lines swinging 12.09.201507.04.2017
9Methodological bases of innovative training of specialists in nanotechnology field (Kazakhstan’s case) 01.01.201314.10.2015
10Methodology of biometric image databases formation 05.11.201513.01.2016
11Methods for Controlling Autonomous DC Systemson the Basis of Switching by Capacitors 06.11.201420.10.2015
12Methods of automated systems decomposition at the stage of technical designing 06.01.201506.01.2015
13Methods of dynamic control over distributed computer systems functionality 04.07.201306.01.2015
14Methods of increase of wear resistance and resource of operation of soil pumps 06.05.201524.06.2015
15Methods of Parametric control theory for testing models 17.10.201403.03.2015
16Methods of studies of dangerous tectonic processes 12.03.201512.10.2015
17Methods of the parametrical regulation of mechanisms market economy 09.06.200409.02.2013
18Methods to increase efficiency of the logistic systems 28.11.201428.12.2014
19Metody grafów konturowych w analizie kinematyki mechanizmu dźwigniowego 18.09.201418.01.2015
20Micro- and nanogold in the auriferous of weathering crusts of Martovskoye and Ravninnoye deposits (west Kazakhstan) 25.04.201415.01.2015
21Micro Hydropower Station Automatic Control System: PTO Hardware and Software Implementation 16.11.201528.11.2015
22Microlearning of web fundamentals based on mobilelearning 17.09.201517.09.2015
23Microparagenetic associations of gold in ore-forming minerals from deposits of different geological and industrial tyhes of kazakhstan 31.01.201419.01.2015
24Mineralogy of copper-nikel ores in Ulytau zone (Central Kazakhstan) 17.06.201518.10.2015
25Minimizing the Time of reaching the Final Depth in the Pit of the First Train When Extracting the Elongated Steep-Dipping Deposits 03.12.201303.12.2013
26Mixed surfactants-polyelectrolyte layers at water/oil interfaces and their application for encapsulation 24.05.201515.10.2015
27Modeling allocation of parallel flows with general resource 04.07.201126.12.2011
28Modeling allocation of resource flows in systems with common-resource 13.04.201318.06.2013
29Modeling and protection corporate network using ICS (Internet control server) 01.09.201501.09.2015
30Modeling of dynamic characteristics of freight car withoptimized parameters of wedge-type shock absorber 31.03.201731.03.2017
31Modeling of networks flows of grinshilds types 27.09.201507.10.2015
32Modeling of Networks Flows of Grinshilds Types 25.09.201525.09.2015
33Modeling of Physical Subsystem Using an Example of Electromagnetic Exciter of Low-frequency Oscillations 15.01.201518.04.2015
34Modeling of random Markov processes in view of time factor. 08.04.201304.03.2015
35Modeling of trafic flows with due regard tu ecological criteria 25.05.201422.10.2015
36Modeling resource flows and allocations in systems with parallel structure 28.06.201220.06.2013
37Modeling slope stability of internal overburden dumps and quarry faces on equivalent materials 22.12.201422.10.2015
38Modeling the Dynamics of Robot Motor Drive Control System 01.01.201420.02.2014
39Modeling the Dynamics of Robot Motor Drive Control System 12.01.201412.01.2015
40Modeling the processes of distribution of resource flows 04.03.201404.02.2015
41Modeling the remote control system of traffic light though computer 13.04.201413.01.2015
42Modeling the temperature control system of heater in composite material 13.04.201413.01.2015
43Modelinq of Physical Subsystem Using an Example of Electromagnetic Exciter of Low-frequency Oscillations 17.12.201422.10.2015
44Models and algorithms of testing software 17.04.201522.06.2015
45Modern approaches to slope stability valuation while surface mining 22.11.201422.01.2015
46Modern approaches to slope stability valuation while surface mining 10.11.201527.10.2015
47Modern condition and prospects of natural facing stone mining and dressing in Kazakhstan 21.04.201513.10.2015
48Modern tendencies of physical education development for students 01.12.201406.03.2015
49Modernization of society: the philosophical analysis 10.04.201510.12.2015
50Modification of fractal coding algorithm by a combination of modern technologies and parallel computations 15.12.201508.02.2016
51Modification of plugging compositions for improving operational reliability of oil and gas wells 16.09.201527.05.2016
52Modified polyolefins to prevent paraffin deposits in pipelines 10.09.201414.10.2015
53Modular synthesis of plane lever six-link mechanism of high class 18.11.201405.12.2014
54Monitoring of dynamics of the Kazakhstan metals world prices in the crisis conditions 15.11.200911.01.2012
55Monitoring of dynamics of the Kazakhstan metals world prices in the crisis conditions 30.03.200930.07.2015
56Morphology and properties of ZnO nanowires grown in the different water solutions 30.10.201215.10.2015
57Morph-Reproduction Examples of Parents in Several Generations of Examples Descendants 18.12.201419.01.2015
58Motion of an Axisymmetric Rigid Body with Variable Inertia Moment 27.05.201413.01.2015
59Mount excavatio monolithic rock circuit with concrete 20.02.201431.03.2014
60Multicriteria Problems of Information System Designing 09.09.201306.01.2015
61Multicriteria problems of information systems designing 21.06.201320.01.2015
62Multidimensional Cubes of Aggregates Using Random Access Memory 07.10.201411.04.2015
63Multilevel inverter based on level switch and h-bridge 16.09.201513.10.2015
64Multiphase flow meter that based on coriolis metering 06.04.201522.10.2015
65Mеталлургия өндірісінің экологиялық үйлесімді технологиялары 30.01.201509.11.2015
66National and cultural innovation strategies 09.05.201223.06.2015
67Nationale und gesamtgesellschaftliche Werte in der multinationalen kasachstanischen Gesellschaft 31.12.201323.03.2015
68Naturally twisted layered anisotropic rod made of reinforced materials research 15.01.201518.04.2015
69New Method for Producing Graphene by Magnetron Discharge in an Atmosphere of Aromatic Hydrocarbons 01.04.201520.09.2015
70New polymers based on derivatives vinylethynylpiperidol 15.01.200413.01.2012