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1Iron source in gigantic skarn–magnetite deposits of folded areas 05.08.200818.05.2013
2Irregularities of Drop Formation at a Circular Capillary Tip 06.09.201513.10.2015
3IT-infrastructure of university based on cloud computing 01.09.201331.10.2013
4IT-білім берудегі мультимедиялық оқыту бағдарламасы 01.12.201127.01.2014
5IT-технологияларға оқытуды визуализациялау құралдары 04.12.201508.01.2016
6Javascript тілінің теориялық негіздері 12.04.201424.12.2014
7Justification of countours belonging to the stages of mining steeply dipping deposits using the solution of the problem of nonlinear programming 14.10.201307.11.2013
8Justification of parameters of building inclined trenches using belt conveyors 29.06.201727.07.2017
10Kazakhstan, leading global uranium producer 24.12.201124.12.2013
11Kinematic Analysis of a Planar Parallel Mechanism with Two Rectilinear Moving End-Effectors 10.07.201424.10.2015
12Kinematic analysis of wind turbine drive 18.09.201418.01.2015
13Kinematic characteristics of movement of the explosive cavity wall in different rosck 10.07.201510.07.2015
14Kinematic Synthesis of Hinged Four-Link Transmission with Supplementary Conditions 04.08.200904.02.2014
15Kinematic synthesis of the initial kinematic Сhains [IKC] 26.05.201626.05.2016
16Kinematic synthesis of the spatial linkages with spherical pairs 21.01.201622.01.2016
17Kinematic Synthesis of Three Dimensional Six Link Motion Generating Mechanisms on the Basis of Initial Kinematic Chains 10.05.201319.10.2015
18Kinematical synthesis of six-link linkage with three dwells 24.12.201224.01.2015
19la technique spatiale et les technologies 14.04.201314.10.2015
20Laboratory investigations of efficiency of the milling technology with inside mill charges variable movement trajectory (статья) 05.11.201314.01.2015
21land reclamation technologies for metal mine in Alpine Region of Northwect Hunan: Taking Pulang Copper mine as an example 01.10.201527.10.2015
22Language conceptual structure formationin communicative competence structure 29.07.201317.01.2014
23Laws or ecuality 28.01.201628.05.2016
24Level of language learning in a technical college in polylingual specialist trainning 26.06.201422.12.2014
25Limitation of metal carbonization results in implementation of ‘Ore-Steel’ process 01.04.201523.10.2015
26Linguistic mechanisms of pre-substantive clauses in communicative aspect 23.03.201418.01.2015
27Liquid cooling system in a personal hybrid computing system based on graphics processors 27.12.201408.01.2015
28Liquidity and solvency management of oil and gas enterprises 10.02.201523.06.2015
29liquidity and solvency management of oil and gas enterprises 14.04.201414.10.2015
30Lithological features of sandstones from underwater delta facies AT Zhezkazgan deposit 12.06.201414.01.2015
31Lithology and foraminifera visean and serpukhovian stage boundary deposits in the deep-water seсtion Zhanakorgan Big Karatau (Southern Kazakhstan) 12.08.201522.10.2015
32Lithology of Copper Sediment-Hosted Zhezkazgan deposit 09.02.201511.02.2015
33Long-term method of selection of copper-lead-zlnc bulk concentrate 06.01.201506.01.2015
34Mac OS Apple графикалық жүйесіне жалпы шолу 31.03.201509.04.2015
35Mac os x lion операциялық жүйесіндегі есептік жазбаны қарастыру 12.04.201425.12.2014
36MAC OS пен WINDOWS ОЖ-нің ерекшеліктері 12.04.201401.10.2015
37Macroeconomic Analysis and Parametric Control of Economies of the Customs Union Countries Based on the Single Global Multi-Country Model 22.10.201404.03.2015
38Main directions of development of innovative modernization of economy of Kazakhstan 05.06.201523.06.2015
39Major decisions equation tank expiration 15.12.201412.03.2015
40Management of financial and economic sustainability of oil & gas enterprises 25.01.201328.01.2015
41Management of information stream in communication networks 23.05.201423.01.2015
42Management reserves of mining operations mode in open pit mining of steeply dipping mineral occurences 29.06.201727.07.2017
43Manipulator of a Platform Type Robot SHOLKOR 05.06.201408.01.2015
44Mapping of ore controlling structures Ulytau-Karsakpai zone according to remote sensing 07.07.201628.09.2016
45Markov chains. health control 16.05.201617.05.2016
46Mathematic model for parameter matching in evalutors model widh application of the disributed information processing principle 23.08.201523.09.2015
47Mathematical description of the processes of crushing and classification 15.12.201412.03.2015
48Mathematical methods in the speech recognition systems 10.04.201501.07.2015
49Mathematical model and estimation parameters of statistical-mathematical modeling process of electrofusion copper concentrates 24.05.201405.03.2016
50Mathematical Model for Calculating Aerodynamic Characteristics of Overhead Transmission Lines 13.01.201413.01.2015
51Mathematical model of optimal empty rail car distribution at railway transport nodes 22.09.201419.11.2015
52Mathematical model of radiation interaction with gas 09.10.201205.03.2013
53Mathematical model of windmill 27.10.200811.06.2013
54Mathematical Modeling of Digital Pulse-Frequency Modulation Control Systems Developed for Objects with Transport Delay 27.05.201317.09.2015
55Mathematical modeling of expenditure in emission planning on the example of one of the territorial districts of the city 25.01.201611.02.2016
56Mathematical modeling of georesonance phenomena as a trigger of earthquakes 25.02.201010.01.2012
57Mathematical modeling of technological processes 24.09.201509.10.2015
58Mathematical modeling of the phenomena of a georesonance as the trigger mechanism for earthquake 04.07.200910.01.2012
59Matlab бағдарламасында кеңжолақты импульсті модуляция арқылы үшфазалы көпірлік инверторды моделдеу 01.05.201303.12.2014
60Matlab бағдарламасында кеңжолақты импульсті модуляция арқылы үшфазалы көпірлік инверторды моделдеу 09.10.201309.10.2015
61MATLAB/SIMULINK: Жүйелерді модельдеудің бағдарламалық құралдары 12.10.201212.10.2015
62Mechanical properties of composite hydrogel materials based on poly(acrylamide) and clay minerals and their potential application for cleaning of the internal surface of pipes 10.08.201412.01.2015
63Mechanical properties of developed forging steels 14.04.201525.06.2015
64Mechanism of caving while drilling through highly dispersible argillaceous formations 28.01.201328.01.2014
65Mechanism of Nonoxidizing and Oxidative Pyrrhotites Leaching 19.08.201219.06.2015
66Mechanism of trans boundary water resources management for central asia countries 14.09.201414.10.2015
67Mechanism synthesis of weft threads compensation on a multicolored weaving loom 05.03.201319.10.2015
68Mechanochemical reduction of chalcopyrite CuFeS2: changes in composition and magnetic properties 17.06.201619.10.2016
69Mesoscopic phase transition in molecule-cluster mixture of argon 10.07.201527.10.2015
70Metaphorische Konzeptualieryng und Verbalierung der Objekte des technischen Weltbildes 21.03.201305.11.2013