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1Estimate of Maximum Expected Intensity of One-half-wave Lines Dancing 24.11.201526.01.2016
2Estimating Optimal Policies in Economic Integration Terms on the base of the Developed GLOBE Model and the Par-ametric Control Theory 06.02.201523.02.2016
3Estimating Stability of Internal Overburden Dumps on the Inclined Foundation by Simplified Bishop Criterion 25.06.201525.06.2015
4Evaluation of optimal international economic policy based on both the para-metric control theory and global com-putable general equilibrium model 23.02.201523.02.2015
5Evaluation of Parameters of Subject Models and Their Mutual Effects 20.05.201416.01.2015
6Evaluation of the impact of uncontrolled parametric perturbations on stability of automatic systems with logical control units 15.12.201508.02.2016
7Evaluation of the petroleum potential of the jurassic and jurassic sediments Turgay basin 31.08.201427.10.2015
8Evaluation of the physical-chemical properties of oil and gas composition in the Kumkol oil field, Kazakhstan 21.05.201423.10.2015
9Execution of mass explosions at the kurzhunkul quarry of ssmpia 10.09.201718.10.2017
10Existence and Uniqueness of the Navier-Stokes Problem for Compressible Flows 20.03.201519.10.2015
11Existence and Uniqueness of the Navier-Stokes Problem in Infinite Space 04.07.201419.10.2015
12Existence and uniqueness of weak solutions for the Navier-Stokes equations. 25.10.201319.10.2015
13Expansion of Non-Transport Technology Application on Extended Quarry Fields 05.10.201624.10.2016
14Experimental evaluation of Mg- and Ca-based synthetic sorbents for CO2 capture 01.04.201423.09.2015
15Experimental investigation of v-gutter flameholders 15.05.201714.08.2017
16Experimental studies of efficiency improving method for quantum cryptography 19.11.201617.01.2017
17Expert systems for Information Security Management and Audit. Implementation phase issues 03.12.201420.04.2015
18Extension method in location problems with discrete objects 15.07.201026.12.2011
19Extraction technology of fine vein gold ores 30.06.201515.10.2015
20Fabrication of Yttrium Ferrite Nanoparticles by Solution Combustion Synthesis 05.03.201417.03.2015
21Fabrication of zinc oxide nanorods via solution method on conductive substrates 31.07.201313.01.2015
22Facile Synthesis of Vertically Aligned ZnO Nanowires on Carbon Layer by Vapour Deposition 22.11.201122.06.2014
23Faunistic characteristic and lithology boundary deposits visean and serpukhovian stage in shallow-water section ushozen Big Karatau (South Kazakhstan). 17.06.201518.10.2015
24Feasibility of Zone-by-zone Using of Dump Tracks of Different Capasity 15.10.201106.01.2012
25Features of a geological structure and development of fields with hardly removable stocks of oil 13.11.201321.11.2013
26Features of internal stacking during mining of steeply dipping mines 18.10.201602.11.2016
27Features of The Electrolytic Copper Powder Deposition in the Presence of Polyols 02.07.201302.07.2014
28Features of The Electrolytic Copper Powder Deposition in the Presence of Polyols 01.03.201316.01.2015
29Features of the formation of thin films based on magnetic nanoparticles 06.09.201513.10.2015
30Fiber optic gyroscope based on the registration of the spatial interference pattern 25.09.201505.05.2016
31Fires monitoring using Eos Terra (Мониторинг пожаров с использованием Eos Terra ) 25.05.201418.06.2014
32Flocculants based on the industrial monomers for wastewater treatment 19.10.201419.10.2015
33Foraminiferal zonation of the border visa-Serpukhovian deposits of Big Karatau 05.06.201217.10.2015
34Formation of communicative competences at trainees in process of languages training in non-language higher education institution 10.05.201410.06.2014
35Formation of the structure of titanium alloy during the change of stiffness of deforming tools 13.02.201521.10.2015
36Forming the effective system of knowledge management is the basis for higher educational organization innovative development 26.04.201316.01.2015
37Forms of occurrence of rare earth elements in the weathering crust of Kundybay deposit (north Kazakhstan) 18.06.201510.10.2015
38Free azimuthal flexural fluctuations elastic pipe of the oil pipeline 22.12.201315.05.2014
39Functionql and semantic analysis of comparative structures in russian and kazakh languages 31.01.201309.01.2014
40Funded pension system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the current problems and ways of solving them 30.09.201319.04.2015
41Gasification process for vapor flow, temperature, and raw materials 13.03.201523.10.2015
42GC research petrobituminous rocks of Kazakhstan 28.05.201512.11.2015
43General equations shredder 15.12.201412.03.2015
44Generalized Plane Deformation Solutions of the Shallow Located Cavity at the Anisotropic Rock Massif under the Actions of Elastic SH-Waves 09.11.201420.04.2015
45Genetic and geodynamic nature of the Paleozoic ophiolite structures and their surrounds from a position of the Paleozoic regional small plate tectonics 06.08.200818.02.2015
46Geochemical characterization of oil and source rocks from the eastern part of the precaspian basin 07.02.201412.01.2015
47Geodinamics of junction area southeast of caspian basin, northern and ustyurt bozashi in the late permian-triassic time 07.02.201413.01.2015
48Geological structure and mineralogy of ores of aynak copper deposit (AFGHANISTAN) 01.05.201628.09.2016
49Geomechanical Assessment of Trees and Shrubs Rootage Reinforcing Properties on Slope Stability 05.10.201619.10.2016
50Geomechanical justification of the working area parameters for the placer deposit quarry under highly watering conditions 18.08.201718.10.2017
51Geomechanical monitoring of the massif of rocks at the combined way of development of fields 17.06.201416.10.2015
52GIS-technologies as a mechanism to study geological structures 02.05.201419.01.2015
53Global optimization methods for clustering resting state functional mri data 12.04.201627.05.2016
54Gold fineness as indicator of physical-chemical conditions of mineralization at the Kokkiya gold deposit (Kyrgyz ridge) 15.06.201818.10.2018
55GPS Antenna Calibration in High Precision Measurements on the Technogenic Geodynamics Site 27.01.201227.01.2014
56Graphene formation by magnethron sputtering 08.09.201419.10.2015
57Graphic Transformations into a Modern Megapolis Architectural Environment (Almaty City) 13.11.201317.07.2015
58Groundwater inflow modeling for a Kazakhstan copper ore deposit 02.09.201502.08.2017
59Haploid biotechnology of wheat: practical results 20.06.201520.10.2015
60Hardening of a surface of teeths of the drive of spherical mills to methods superficial and plastic deformation (technique and experiment) 01.09.201415.01.2015
61Heat flow meter for the diagnostics of pipelines 28.09.201603.11.2016
62High velocity thermal spraying tools used in technological processes and productions 10.12.201610.01.2017
63Higher Education and Science: Portrait Against the Background of Global Crisis 15.09.201117.01.2015
64Higher education system in the republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the credit system of education 25.07.201413.02.2015
65Highly pressurized hydraulic fracturing fluid behavior in oil-bearing rocks 21.04.201519.10.2015
66High-technology process of reduction melting for steel production 18.05.201013.01.2012
67Hydrocracking-the most promising process to improve the quality of fuels 17.04.201522.10.2015
68Hydrothermal Synthesis and Properties of CoFe2O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles 01.09.201422.10.2015
69Hydrotrating diesel fractions of a field Zhanazhol, Tengiz, Karachaganak 17.04.201522.10.2015
70Ibooks author программасын қолданып электронды оқулықтар құру ерекшеліктері 12.04.201424.12.2014