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1Drilling of Directed Boreholes Using of the Navigated Control System 21.02.201509.10.2015
2DWDM технологиясының ерекшеліктері және қолданылуы 11.04.201525.05.2015
3Dynamic control stabilizing in manipulator drives’ system 13.11.201413.01.2015
4Dynamic model of new order of working zone forming realization on steep boards of oval form quarries 07.10.201628.03.2017
5Dynamic pulse-frequency modulation in objects control with delay 01.09.201201.08.2014
6Dynamic pulse-frequency modulation in objects control with delay 30.11.201216.09.2015
7Dynamic surface properties of polyallylamine hydrochloride/ sodium alkylsulphates at the water/air interface 24.04.201320.05.2013
8Dynamic synthesis of non-harmonic vibration exciter of pulse action directed on the foundation 09.11.201609.12.2016
9Dynamic synthesis of pulse action vibration exciter on foundation 20.12.201520.03.2017
10Dynamics of dry grinding in two-compartment separator mills 20.08.201525.09.2015
11Dynamics of heat exchange 15.12.201412.03.2015
12Dynamics of mixing material flows 15.12.201424.02.2015
13Dynamics of the material stream and stock 15.12.201424.02.2015
14Dynamics of Transtropic Elastic Continuums with Non-Homogeneities 02.07.201018.10.2015
15Ecological load decrease by the new order of the flat dipping coal layers opening 11.05.201011.01.2012
16Ecological Reclamation Effect of Arbuscualr Mycorrhizal Inoculum on Subsided Land in the Area of Shendong Coal Mine 28.12.201113.12.2013
17Ecological Status of Sludge Drying Beds Almaty, Kazakhstan 02.09.201510.12.2015
18Ecologically pure drilling muds for the drilling of variable purposes wells 11.01.201211.01.2012
19Ecologycally pure drilling muds for the drilling of variable purposes wells 12.04.201027.07.2015
20Economic aspekts of consumption of meat and meat products by populition of Kazakhstan 25.02.201627.03.2016
21Economy of oil and gas production 25.01.201312.10.2015
22Educational Integration For Post-Graduate Training (PGT) Systems In The Field Of Nanotechnology: The Case of Kazakhstan 01.01.201314.10.2015
23Educational Integration For Post-Graduate Training (PGT) Systems In The Field Of Nanotechnology: The Case of Kazakhstan 01.01.201314.10.2015
24E-education environment of university based on cloud computing 27.06.201207.11.2013
25Effect of chemical composition of AD31 aluminum alloy on its physical and mechanical properties 01.01.201521.10.2015
26Effect of copolymer latexes on physicomechanical properties of mortar containing high volume fly ash as a replacement material of cement 31.08.201424.10.2015
27Effect of Copolymer Latexes on Physicomechanical Properties of Mortar Containing High Volume Fly Ash as a Replacement Material of Cement 31.07.201416.01.2015
28Effect of Electric Field on Compiex Formation of Polyacrylic Acid Hydrogel and Linear Copolymers of 2- Hydroxyethylacrylate and Methylacrylate 15.11.201316.01.2015
29Effect of electrolyte on adsorption of polyallyl amine hydrochloride/sodium dodecyl sulphate at water/tetradecane interface 28.01.201404.02.2015
30Effect of Gd+3 Doped by Hydro Thermal Synthesis Method on Ferrite Magnetic and Morphosis of NiGdxFe2−xO4 15.08.201516.10.2015
31Effect of sodium carboxymethylcellulose on the surface tension of alkylsulphates 07.06.201520.10.2015
32Effect of thermal annealing on properties of polycrystalline ZnO thin films 01.01.201722.10.2017
34Effective algorithms of multimedia data processing 28.06.201207.05.2014
35Effective Class of Discreet Programing Problems 22.06.201316.01.2015
36Effective Class of Discreet Programing Problems 13.04.201306.01.2015
37Effective technology of stripping operations in deep coal opencasts with railway and auto truck transport 05.07.201505.10.2015
38Effects of AMF cooperating with exogenous calcium on maize growth and soil improvement 13.01.201313.12.2013
39Effects of Lead and Zinc on Arsenic Accumulation in Nonmetallicolous and Metallicolous Populations of Pteris vittata L 28.11.201313.12.2013
40Efficient Algorithm for Evacuation Problem Solving 15.10.201521.12.2015
41Efficient land use in open-cut mining 10.08.201509.10.2015
42Efficient using of automobile transport for the deep open-pit mines 03.12.201303.12.2013
43E-LEARNING im DaF-UNTERRICHT 01.07.201226.02.2013
44E-LEARNING - новые возможности в обучении иностранному языку в техническом вузе 17.12.201317.06.2014
45Electrical, Optical, and Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Films Subjected to Thermal Annealing and Treatment in Hydrogen Plasma 25.01.201613.08.2016
46Electronic textbook “engineering graphics” as a training material contributes to the implementation of all aspects of the students educational activity 22.12.201426.06.2015
47Electrosmelting of lead-containing dusts from copper-smelters 28.08.201509.10.2015
48Elementary Functions of a Quaternion Variable and Some Applications 24.07.201524.08.2015
49Elementary functions of a quaternion variable and some applications 13.04.201525.08.2015
50Elements of automatic control of hydrodynamic systems 05.02.201331.07.2014
51Elements of automatic controlof hydrodynamic systems 07.06.201201.08.2014
52Elements of automatic controlof hydrodynamic systems 07.06.201201.08.2014
53Elongation determination using finite element and boundary element method 15.10.201526.01.2016
54Elongation Determination Using Finite Element and Boundary Element Method 25.09.201525.09.2015
56Encoding of neural network model exit signal, that is devoted for distinction of graphical images in biometric authenticate systems 20.12.201725.12.2017
57Energy Conversation Law in the Free Atmosphere 30.05.201419.10.2015
58Energy Conversation Law in the Free Atmosphere 25.10.201319.10.2015
59Energy Conversation Law in the free Atmosphere for Compressible Flows 30.05.201419.10.2015
60Energy conversation law in the free atmosphere for Compressible Flows 20.10.201520.10.2015
61Energy Distribution of Nonequilibrium Electrons and Optical Phonons in GaAs under Band-to-Band Pumping by Intense Short Pulses of Light 01.03.200927.12.2011
62ENGLISH FOR BANKING AND FINANCE 05.09.201323.10.2015
63Enhancement of ZnO films photoluminescence by annealing and H-plasma treatment 17.08.201519.10.2015
64Enrichment Wastes’ Processing of Manganiferous Ores with the Use of Mechanochemical Methods 22.07.201618.08.2016
65Ensuring accuracy in multitasking machines 01.01.201524.10.2015
66Equalization of traffic flows of benches in the working area benches with excavator-truck complexes 10.05.201520.10.2015
67Equalization of traffic flows of benches in the working area benches with excavator-truck complexes. Progressive Technologies of Coal, Coalbed Methane, and Ores Mining 24.10.201424.06.2015
68Equation of the hydraulic qualifier 15.12.201412.03.2015
69Erzeugung von kohlenalkalischer Pulverchemikalie aus oxidierten Kohlen von Schoptykolsker Braunkohlenfeld in Kasachstan 06.01.201106.01.2012
70Establishing the dependence of point position on number of stereo pairs based on data obtained from unmanned aerial vehicle 20.02.201520.05.2015