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1Some aspects of the experimental assessment of dynamic behavior of the railway track 27.04.201727.04.2017
2Some important issues of the computational process in parallel programming 20.03.201506.06.2015
3Specialized GIS-technology for identifying ore-bearing objects, areas and expected reserves evaluation 15.09.201624.04.2017
4Specifications of the rock massifs by the block sizes 31.12.201402.02.2015
5Specifics of Development of the Integral Method of Knowledge Estimation 14.05.201519.10.2015
6Spiritual culture of Kazakhstan in the V-XII centuries 29.01.201229.01.2015
7Stabilization of sulphur composites properties for road construction 12.06.201412.01.2015
8Stabilization and fluidity of coal-water suspension 06.07.201513.10.2015
9Stabilization of emulsions and foams by interfacial associates of water-soluble polymers and surfactants 24.05.201515.10.2015
10State as an Institut of research on the personal political culture determinant: Concept of Personal Political Culture History and Research 05.01.201505.06.2015
11State of health as a Markov chain 06.06.200906.05.2013
12Statement of the objectives of the study of statistical characteristics of random processes 05.11.201315.01.2015
13Static calculation of bearing construction elements taking into account physical nonlinearity 30.06.201701.07.2017
14Strength characteristics of mortar containing high volume matakaolin as cement replacement 02.06.201424.10.2015
15Strength characteristics of mortar containing high volume metakaolin as cement replacement 02.06.201217.01.2015
16Structural transformation and analysis of a control system based on digital dynamic pulse frequency modulation for objects with transport delay 30.03.201315.09.2015
17Structural transformation and simulation of dynamic pulse frequency controlled systems 12.04.201317.09.2015
18Structure and algorythm of operation of microprocessor control unit of the mobile micro hpp 28.04.201329.06.2014
19Studies on graft copolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate onto chitosan 20.12.200820.12.2011
20Study of Graphene Formed in the Atmosphere of Vapors of Aromatic Hydrocarbons 03.06.201512.10.2015
21Study of Influencing of the Arguments of Mining Method and Cutoff Grade on Magnitude of Losses and Dilution of Useful Minerals 19.11.200111.01.2012
22Study of Models for Heating Power Station Operator Training Systems 30.01.201302.12.2013
23Study of ore minerals of Zhezkazgan copper deposit under electron microscope using EDS method 12.02.201410.01.2015
24Study of silicophosphate materials based on enrichment wastes 28.02.201720.04.2017
25Study of the Products of Pyrolysis Recycling. Sewage Sludge in the Aeration Station Almaty, Kazakhstan 14.10.201514.10.2015
26Study of the Results of Fuel Injection Advance Angle Measurement by Probabilistic and Statistical Methods 05.11.201203.05.2013
27Study of The Stress-Strain State of The Shaking Conveyor Mechanism 19.10.201619.10.2016
28Study of the stress-strain state of the vibroting equipment 26.03.201603.04.2016
29Study of the vanadium xerogel structure by the electron microscopy method 05.04.201402.07.2014
30Study of thermal stonecutting tools 10.10.201610.10.2016
31Study of transport properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes 01.01.201526.10.2015
32Study on Radiation-Induced Grafting of Hydrophilic Monomers onto Chitosan 09.07.200811.01.2012
33Study oxidation zone of Naymanzhal gold deposit (central Kazakhstan) the purpose of it develop with methods of heap leaching 25.07.201415.01.2015
35Studying of action of noise on the ear 27.02.201410.06.2014
36Studying of action of noise on the ear 05.03.201419.10.2015
37Studying of regularity of ranges of absorption of the exhaust device. 07.02.201524.06.2015
38Studying of soil surface subsidence upon long length underground pipelines penetration 12.06.201505.07.2015
39Sufism and the problem of rationality 31.01.201221.01.2014
40Surface - Active and Complexforming Copolymers of Sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate with Ethyleneglycol Vinyl Ether 10.01.201414.01.2015
41Surface Modification of Crops with Complexes of Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride with Surfactants and Application in Agriculture 01.05.201512.10.2015
42Surface Modification of Crops with Complexes of Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride with Surfactants and Application in Agriculture 26.02.201514.10.2015
43Surface tension of polyvinyl alcohol and its binary mixtures with triton X-100 06.07.201513.10.2015
44Swelling Behavior and Complex Formation Ability of Ternary Amphoteric Gels based on Allylamine Derivatives and Maleic Acid 29.04.200508.12.2011
45SWOT –анализ магистерских программ по управлению проектами в Республике Казахстан 25.11.201110.01.2012
46Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobically modified polymeric betaines 15.12.201508.01.2016
47Synthesis and physicochemical properties of macroporous cryogels 06.02.201506.11.2015
48Synthesis and research of the complex phosphosilicates formed in solidphases conditions at high temperatu res 12.10.201523.10.2015
49Synthesis of a Doubly-linked Cell Basis ACS Download Double Mills with Autonomous Seperately Contours 15.04.201314.01.2015
50Synthesis of controller by method analytical design for a certain class of objects 01.12.201414.10.2015
51Synthesis of Four-Link Basic Kinematic Chains [BKC] with Spherical Pairs for Spatial Mechanisms 10.11.201425.12.2014
52Synthesis of intellectual subsystems of dynamic diagnosis of the condition of turbine units thermal power 13.06.201603.11.2016
53Synthesis of manipulation robot programm trajectories with constraints in the form of obstacles 21.01.201421.06.2014
54Synthesis of spatial lever mechanisms on the basis of the initial kinematic chains SSS pairs 16.02.201616.02.2016
55Systematization of the Elements of Minerals Opencast Development 05.10.201619.10.2016
56Systems of Protection of Computer Networks from Distributed Network Attacks to Denial of Service 20.03.201508.06.2015
57Tasks and Principles of Complex Objects Coordination Resources Control 05.02.201316.01.2015
58Tasks and principles of complex objects coordination resources control 16.11.201220.01.2015
59Tasks scheduling and resource allocation in distributed cloud environments 22.10.201427.01.2015
60Teaching aids 22.10.201414.01.2015
61Teaching english as a foreign language 28.05.201011.01.2012
62Technical and technological means for vibration completion of pay zones while constucting wells 02.10.201420.01.2015
63Technique of researches vliyanikh of mechanical impacts on formation of structure of constructional materials in the course of crystallization 01.12.201220.10.2015
64Technological basis desalting highly oils 31.08.201426.10.2015
65Technological resources for improving the quality and completeness of use of the mineral raw material 15.05.201727.05.2017
66Technology and methods of professional design education 23.04.201623.04.2016
67Technology of Formation of Students Communicative Culture in the Process of Learning Foreign Languages 01.05.201530.06.2015
68Technology of multidimensional stochastic control system construction 28.04.201319.06.2013
69Temperature Dependen Behavior of Oil Dispersion System in Bulk and on tthe Metal Surface 30.06.201412.01.2015
70Testing and different kinds of tests for students 15.05.200930.11.2013