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1Photoluminescent and electrical properties of ZnO thin films subjected to the thermal annealing and a hydrogen plasma treatment 25.07.201613.08.2016
2Photosensitivity of Nanostructured CdS Layers, Synthesized by Hydrothermal Route 11.08.201722.10.2017
3Php нұсқаларын қарастыру 12.04.201425.12.2014
4Physical modeling geomechanical stability of internal overburden dumps 25.05.201527.10.2015
5Physical modeling geomechanical stability of open-cast slopes and internal overburden dumps 27.10.201427.10.2015
6Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of polymer-protected and hydrogel-immobilized gold, silver and palladium nanoparticles 12.11.201312.01.2015
7Plasma treatment of ZnO:B nanostructured layers synthesized by hydrothermal route 30.08.201527.10.2015
8Plasma treatment of ZnO:B nanostructured layers synthesized by hydrothermal route 30.09.201519.10.2015
9Plasticity as a Physical-Chemical Process of Deformation of Crystalline Solids 29.03.201503.07.2015
10Plum tectonic nature of geodynamical development of Kazakhstan 22.06.201522.10.2015
11Political management in the republic of kazakhstan and russian federation: comparative analysis 03.10.201403.10.2014
12Political Preconditions for National Values of the Kazakhstan Nation 03.10.201403.10.2014
13Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) Protected Gold and Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties 28.05.201528.08.2015
14Polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures in the bulk and at water/oil interfaces 13.10.201304.02.2015
15Polyelectrolyte–surfactant association – from fundamentals to applications 21.03.201404.02.2015
16Polymer Protected Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Catalysis 15.02.201412.01.2015
18Polymer/surfactant mixtures for the microencapsulation of active ingredients 22.10.201416.10.2015
19PON технологиясы 11.04.201413.10.2015
20Prediction of performance of cluster computing system with different configurations of nodes 03.08.201408.01.2015
21Prediction of the degree of concomitant components extraction by processing of polymetallic ores 15.10.201106.01.2012
22Preparation and Characterization of Organic- Inorganic Composite Materials Based on Poly(acrylamide) Hydrogels and Clay Minerals 28.05.201528.08.2015
23Preparation of graphene using aromatic hydrocarbons and investigation of its structural features 22.06.201520.10.2015
24Preparation, stabilization and characterization of copper nanoparticles 22.10.201417.01.2015
25Preparing for formal tests 09.11.201106.05.2013
26Principles Creation Integrated On-Line Access for Free Standing Renewable Energy Technology (RET) 03.08.201520.10.2015
27Probabilities of magnetic toroidal mono-fields in the non-stationary processes of radioactive lutetium oxide 29.07.201521.10.2015
28Probation experience at Newcastle university 25.12.201324.01.2015
29Problem analysis of geotechnical well drilling in complex environment 19.12.201519.12.2015
30Problems and solutions in modern physics (Задачи по современной физике с решениями на английском языке) 20.12.201012.11.2015
31Problems of ladge city 13.11.201318.11.2013
32Processing of Aktogai (Kazakhstan) Mixed Copper Ore 15.10.201515.10.2015
33Producing graphene in an atmosphere of aromatic hydrocarbons 20.06.201513.10.2015
34Production and Application of New Explosives at the Mining Enterprises of Kazakstan 15.07.200911.01.2012
35Production of the entropy in thermionic converters of heat energy into electric energy 01.11.201521.03.2016
36Production system design and strategies to mitigate wax and asphaltene deposition 29.02.201618.05.2016
37Professional Training of Engineers at the Euro-Asian Multi-level Innovative Technical School 15.04.201327.05.2013
38Profitability of funds depends on national market of valuable 22.05.201219.04.2015
39Programming Controllers and Visualization in the Software Environment Unity Pro (статья) 18.04.201322.01.2015
40Projection, arrangement and maintenance of pit haul transport roads for heavy dump truks 15.04.201520.10.2015
41Propagation of quantumkey distribution signalsin free-space links 03.12.201509.01.2016
42Proper Selection of Drill String Bottom-Hole Assembly for Directional Well Drilling 28.01.201517.10.2015
43Properties of ZnO nanorods grown by hydrothermal synthesis on conductive layers 02.09.201426.10.2015
44Prospects for Building Mobile Micro Hydro Power Plants with Information Management Systems 01.05.201429.06.2014
45Prospects of gold mining in Kazakhstan 20.10.201408.01.2015
46Prospects of Using Waves of Suleimenov-Mun in “Green” Energetics 16.01.201316.01.2015
47Provision of possibility of constructing conveyor hoist in a stationary position during developemnt of a working zone on steep pit edges of an open-pit mine 29.06.201727.07.2017
48Pulse – Frequency control system of the fluids magnetization of the used nuclear magnetic resonance 09.06.201431.07.2014
50Pulse-frequency managins systems with delay 01.08.200801.08.2014
51Quality Assurance and Accreditation from the Point of View of Some Foreign Universities 28.12.201128.12.2011
52Quality control of sections in the process of their extrusion 01.04.201521.10.2015
53Quality of Strips at the Longitudinal-wedge Rolling Mill 29.07.201529.07.2015
54Quantum concentration for the liquid phase of elements 21.05.201521.10.2015
55Radiation synthesis and characterization of stimuli-sensitiv chitosn-polyvinyl pyrrolidone hydrogels 11.10.200411.01.2012
56Radiation synthesis of polyampholyte hydrogels based on vinyl ether of monoethanolamine and sodium acrylate and their interactions with linear polyelectrolytes 20.12.200420.12.2011
57Rare earth elements in the weathering crust of shock-karagay deposit (North Kazakhstan) 24.04.201513.10.2015
58Rational extraction technology of fine vein gold ores using self-propelled machines 25.03.201522.04.2015
59Rationale for selection an effective way for opening and development of the subsalt fields 26.05.201226.11.2013
60Rationale of retaining wall design of reloading points during usage of combined types of transport 29.08.201705.09.2017
61Recommended technology of open-pit mining low power steeply dipping parts of Ekibastuz trough wings 29.08.201705.09.2017
62Reconfiguration problems for telecommunication networks with service level agreements 03.12.201505.01.2016
63Recovery of water aquifers after the impact of in-situ leaching of uranium 26.10.201526.10.2015
64Regarding the Selection of Dumping Station Construction and Parameters of Concentration Horizon 25.06.201525.06.2015
65Regulation of high-temperature blast-furnace processes by adjusting the fuel-additive supply 23.08.201523.10.2015
66Relaxation oscillations of superluminescence in a semiconductor caused by recovery of the Fermi distribution of nonequilibrium electrons 15.05.201618.05.2016
67Relaxation oscillations of superluminescence in semiconductor 15.05.201109.12.2013
68Report of learning from the course 01.04.201303.12.2013
69Requirements for the content of teaching materials for specialists training in secondary vocational education 30.07.201309.01.2014
70Research and calculation of load-lifting cranes (easels) 25.10.201422.10.2015