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1 Inequality of Bernstein type for polynomials of hyperbolic crosses in a mixed norm 17.10.201308.12.2013
2 Methods of Dynamic Control over Distributed Computer Systems Functionality 20.01.201520.01.2015
3 Research Distributed Attacks in Computer Networks 19.03.201508.06.2015
4"Green" economy in mining 19.06.201509.10.2015
53D model of oval shaped open pit mines and metho of stripping coefficient optimization 29.08.201705.09.2017
63D modeling of phased development of mining operations on steeply dipping round deposits 07.10.201628.03.2017
73D modeling of the sleeve of forging damping steel 07.03.201621.04.2016
83D modeling using of gis 15.08.201518.10.2015
9A Cambrian intra-oceanic subduction system in the Bozshakol area, Kazakhstan 01.05.201522.10.2015
10A combination of distance, modular and credit learning technologies in the training of specialists at the technical universities 04.07.201309.08.2013
11A dynamic analysis of six-bar mechanical press 30.09.201730.09.2017
12A dynamic pulse-frequency modulator for controlling the process of production and quality of milk products 11.04.201431.07.2014
13A Kinematic Analysis of Flat Leverage Mechanism of the Fourth Class for Manipulators 03.10.201703.10.2017
14A Method for Calculating Migration Energy of Vacancies in FCC Metals 16.01.201216.10.2015
15A Model of Virtual Training Application for Simulation of Technological Processes 20.08.201514.10.2015
16A modeling and diagnostics process combined popping of biogas and natural gas to reduction of greenhouse gases 12.04.201603.11.2016
17A multidimensional boundary value problem for a parabolik type integro-differential equation with a discontinuous coefficients 02.10.201712.01.2018
18A new sediment model of traffic intensity 20.08.201320.12.2013
19A novel approach for providing quality of service in multiservice ip networks 06.12.201224.06.2013
20A Regular, Hydrophobically Modified Polyampholyte as Novel Pour Point Depressant 08.12.201108.12.2011
21A Robotic Orthosis Powered By Parallel Manipulator 20.10.201413.01.2015
22A Simplified Model of the Control System with PFM 18.05.201501.07.2015
23A Simplified Model of the Control System with PFM 31.08.201531.08.2015
24About another derivation of unknowns in quadrature formula 05.06.201427.08.2015
25About one special boundary value problem for parabolic integro-differential equation 05.06.201414.10.2015
26About perfection of functioning of special economic zones in conditions in industrial-innovation of development of regions RK 25.12.201502.02.2016
27About problems of some of the concepts of mathematical analysis 11.10.201411.11.2014
28About stabilizing control bilinear systems 05.03.201405.01.2015
29About the calculation of fifteenfold integrals 05.06.201416.01.2015
30About the relations between best approximations in different mixed norms 11.08.201418.08.2015
31About Training of Specialists on Informatics in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan 20.09.201427.10.2015
32About work o f the brain in the general view 27.04.201227.09.2014
33Activated aluminum alloys for water purification 10.05.201515.10.2015
34Addition fuzzy biometric data morphing-reproduction examples of parents in several generations o examples descendants 16.07.201416.01.2015
35Addition fuzzy biometric data morphing-reproduction examples of parents in several generations o examples descendants 25.07.201401.09.2014
36Allocation of heavy oil from oil-bitumene rocks of Kazakhstan 09.07.201510.11.2015
37Allocation of perspective ores on the areas shu-ile belt on the materials remote sensing 07.07.201608.08.2016
38Amphoteric nano-, micro-, and macrogels, membranes, and thin films 28.09.201212.01.2015
39An estimation of intencivity magnitude of the dust spreading from disorganized sources 17.10.201313.01.2015
40An optimization method in the Dirichlet problem for the wave equation 10.09.201122.01.2014
41Analitic functions of the three-dimensional variable from C3 21.01.201421.08.2015
42Analyses of industrial accident causes 08.02.201611.02.2016
43Analysis and Localization of Performance Degradation Incidents of Distributed Computer Systems 07.10.201428.01.2015
44Analysis and possibilities of devel oping franchising relations at Kazakhstani market 28.04.201429.11.2015
45Analysis of comparable amounts of hydraulic fracture oil reservoir and proppant pumped into them 15.03.201513.10.2015
46Analysis of devices structures for modular reduction 26.04.201802.05.2018
47Analysis of Disturbing Influence of Traffic Load on Soil Body 26.01.201526.01.2015
48Analysis of expert systems, revealing of the main deficiencies and specification of ways of its solving 20.12.201420.04.2015
49Analysis of ill-posedness and numerical methods of solving a nonlinear inverse problem in pharmacokinetics for the two-compartmental model with extravascular drug administration 24.01.201222.01.2014
50Analysis of influence of mineral complex use level on conditioness of solid minerals resources 08.02.201208.02.2012
51Analysis of Methods Organization of the Modelling of Protection of Systems Client-Server 15.12.201421.10.2015
52Analysis of Stress-strain State of Diagonal Mines in Multilinked Anisotropic Massif under the Actions of Elastic Waves 27.11.201327.11.2013
53Analysis of surfase building damage due tu effect of mining sequence 19.04.201407.12.2014
54Analysis of the Possibilities for Using a Uniform Bragg Grating in a Tunable Dispersion Compensator 15.10.201528.01.2016
55Analysis of the possibilities for using a uniform Bragg gratingin a tunable dispersion compensator 27.09.201513.10.2015
56Analysis of the Possibilities for Using a Uniform Bragg Gratingin a Tunable Dispersion Compensator 24.09.201525.09.2015
57Analytical determination of the concentration indices 15.11.200911.01.2012
58Analytical determination of the minerals concentration indices 27.05.200930.07.2015
59Analytical functions of generalized complex variables and some applications 21.08.201521.08.2015
60Analytical functions of generalized complex variables and some applications 07.06.201417.09.2015
61Application of curvelet transform for denoising of CT images 31.05.201516.11.2015
62Application of Iterative Algorithm of Training of Single Neuron in Biometric Appendices 21.10.201410.01.2015
63Application of microlearning technique and Twitter for educational purposes. 25.01.201316.09.2015
64Application of Modern Informational Technologies in Education of Higher Educational Institutions to Improve the Quality Specialists Training 11.05.201514.01.2016
65Application of Statistical Linearized Models for Investigations of Digital Dynamic Pulse-Frequency Control Systems 03.09.201503.09.2015
66Application of the discrete-event simulation when optimizing of business processes in trading companies 19.05.201410.06.2014
67Application of the Discrete-event Simullation When Optimizing of Business processes in trading Companies 19.05.201428.01.2015
68Application of the Pert method in parameters matching within the evaluator group module 05.08.201505.10.2015
69Applied Problems of Markov Processes 25.04.201630.04.2016
70Applying the distributed information processing principle in opencast mining design 05.07.201505.10.2015