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1Calculations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of molecule-cluster mixtures of oxygen 15.07.201412.01.2015
2Carbonaceous - silliceous shales as a raw material source for receiving of vanadium xerogel 19.03.201612.10.2016
3Carboniferous Copper Sediment-Hosted Zhezkazgan deposit (Central Kazakhstan) 15.08.201515.10.2015
4Carbothermic reactions in the metallurgy and energy-technological processes 13.01.201213.01.2012
5Catalytic Activity of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Supported on Zinc Oxide 02.02.201522.10.2015
6Catalytic activity of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) protected gold nanoparticles deposited on ZnO 07.10.201422.10.2015
7Caving control while drilling through highly dispersible clays at uranium deposits of Kazakhstan 19.12.201519.12.2015
8CH4 және N2 қоспасын тбаб ерітіндісінде гидрат түздіру арқылы сепарациялау 12.04.201404.06.2014
9Changes of mechanical properties of hot rolled steel as a result of a reducing of rigidity of the rolling stands 30.04.201503.07.2015
10Chapakterystyka powloki cynkowej uksztaltowanej na powierzchni wyrobow ze stopow Fe-C 12.12.201510.02.2015
11Characterization of Ba(Zr-Ti)02 Semiconductors Prepared by Solid State Process 16.01.201516.01.2015
12Characterization of tribological behavior of high performance rail steel 10.10.201610.10.2016
13Classification of stratiform deposits in the world 12.04.201523.10.2015
14Cloud mobile applications for education 14.04.201404.07.2014
15Collapse of Poly(methacrylic acid) Hydrogels in Response to Simultaneous Stimulation by an Electric Field and Complex Formation 20.12.200220.12.2011
16Colloid systems in nanotechnologies. Part 1 29.11.201414.10.2015
17Colloid-chemical approaches to crude oil treatment 22.10.201416.10.2015
18Color manipulation of images opencv in python 18.04.201622.04.2016
19Comparative analysis of a Control System Based on Digital Dynamic Pulse Frequency Modulation 28.04.201317.09.2015
20Comparative analysis of English and Kazakh idioms 13.12.201213.12.2013
21Comparative analysis of the main indicators yon-socioffective inertial rotary excavator 21.03.201509.10.2015
22Comparative characteristics of calculated sets of optimal coefficients and values fifteen fold integrals by number theoretic methods with provision for numbers of knots quadrature formulas 10.04.201312.03.2015
23Comparative Investigation of Methods of Modular Exponentiation 09.03.201511.03.2015
24Comparative Investigation of Methods of Modular Exponentiation 04.03.201504.03.2015
25Comparison between ZnO nanowires grown by chemical vapour deposition and 01.09.201201.07.2015
26Comparison between ZnO nanowires grown by chemical vapour deposition and hydrothermal synthesis 14.08.201322.06.2014
27Comparison of Education in Europe on Specialty Information Technologies and Computer Science 15.11.201427.10.2015
28Comparison of Methods of Treatment of Fuzzy Information for Distribution of Access in Computer Systems 25.07.201501.09.2015
29Competency-based model of nanotechnology specialist’s profile (Kazakhstan`s experience of nanotechnology education) 27.09.201419.01.2015
30Complex degree programs in the system of specialists retraining and advanced training 06.03.201306.01.2015
31Complex Processing of Wastes Generated in Chrysotile Asbestos Production 10.03.201522.04.2015
32Complex reagents for the removal and inhibition of paraffin deposition for highky paraffinic oil production and transportation 10.09.201414.10.2015
33Complexation of Sodium 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate 11.10.200711.01.2012
34Complexation of Sodium 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate–Monoethanolamine Vinyl Ether Copolymer with Polyelectrolytes in Aqueous Medium 02.05.200702.07.2013
35Composite Materials Based on Nanostructured Zinc Oxide 19.08.201322.06.2014
36Computationally Efficient Control System Based on Digital Dynamic Pulse Frequency Modulation for Microprocessor Implementation 25.05.201317.09.2015
37Computer Modeling Electrocardiogram Signals Using Notch Filters 24.05.201509.10.2015
38Computer modeling electrocardiogram signals using notch filters 25.05.201514.06.2015
39Computer system for forecasting surgery on the eye muscles 25.09.201506.05.2016
40Computerized modeling of kinematics and kineto-statics of sucker-rod pump power units 24.05.201702.06.2017
41Concept of developing an intelligent system for control and operational diagnostics of technological equipment condition 01.01.201416.01.2015
42Conclusion of discrete analog for the inverse problem of acoustics 22.12.201522.04.2016
44Construction of majorozing pulse-frequency with delay 01.08.201001.08.2014
45Construction of scenario analysis model for the risk management of the bank’s credit portfolio 11.04.201714.04.2017
46Construction of the Nations in Post-soviet on the Condition of Russian Diasporas “Post Imperial Syndrome” 16.01.201416.01.2015
47Constructive solutions of equipping crushing and dumping station on an open pit mine while using automobile-conveyor transport 29.08.201705.09.2017
48Contemporary industrial innovative activity 09.04.201413.03.2015
49Conveyor process technology by coal movement during sharp yield of trought limb to the day 15.06.201011.01.2012
50Cooling modes influence on quality of hot - rolled metal at transportotion of sheets on the new collecning role table 13.02.201521.10.2015
51Cooperative learning in the efl classroom 25.11.201013.05.2013
52Coordination in serial-parallel image processing 25.09.201506.05.2016
53Copolymerization of N,N_dimethyl_N,N_diallylammonium Chloride with N,N_dimethylacrylamide 12.01.201529.05.2015
54Corporate Image in the System of Corporation 30.10.201607.01.2016
55Correlation and Regression equations of the Relationship of the Process Variables of Dry two-stage Crushing 15.04.201314.01.2015
56Coupling-induced oscillations in two intrinsically quiescent populations 27.05.201515.06.2015
57Creating a standard models for the specialized GIS database and their functions in solving forecast tasks 27.04.201523.10.2015
58Creating the effective implementation of double subbench mining technology 10.05.201420.10.2015
59Creating The effective implementation of double subbench mining technology 19.01.201419.01.2015
60Creation of damping carbon and alloy steel 07.09.201404.03.2015
61Creation World-Class Research Institutions 04.01.201204.01.2012
62Criterion Synthesis the Chi-Square for Dependent Data 18.12.201419.01.2015
63CRM-система в банке 13.04.201513.09.2015
64CRM-системы в малом и среднем бизнесе 13.04.201513.09.2015
65Crypto API и шифрование баз данных 25.05.201113.12.2011
66Cuda technology for parallilization programs 16.04.201419.06.2014
67Curiosity марсоходымен байланыс ұйымдастыру 15.04.201622.04.2016
68Current Approaches of Physical Education in Universities 05.11.201318.02.2014
69Cyclic-line technologies on coal cuts of Kazakhstan 15.09.201106.01.2012
70Cамостоятельная работа студентов в формировании профессиональной компетенции 26.01.201712.02.2017