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1Analysis and possibilities of devel oping franchising relations at Kazakhstani market 28.04.201429.11.2015
2Analysis of comparable amounts of hydraulic fracture oil reservoir and proppant pumped into them 15.03.201513.10.2015
3Analysis of devices structures for modular reduction 26.04.201802.05.2018
4Analysis of Disturbing Influence of Traffic Load on Soil Body 26.01.201526.01.2015
5Analysis of expert systems, revealing of the main deficiencies and specification of ways of its solving 20.12.201420.04.2015
6Analysis of ill-posedness and numerical methods of solving a nonlinear inverse problem in pharmacokinetics for the two-compartmental model with extravascular drug administration 24.01.201222.01.2014
7Analysis of influence of mineral complex use level on conditioness of solid minerals resources 08.02.201208.02.2012
8Analysis of Methods Organization of the Modelling of Protection of Systems Client-Server 15.12.201421.10.2015
9Analysis of Stress-strain State of Diagonal Mines in Multilinked Anisotropic Massif under the Actions of Elastic Waves 27.11.201327.11.2013
10Analysis of surfase building damage due tu effect of mining sequence 19.04.201407.12.2014
11Analysis of the Possibilities for Using a Uniform Bragg Grating in a Tunable Dispersion Compensator 15.10.201528.01.2016
12Analysis of the possibilities for using a uniform Bragg gratingin a tunable dispersion compensator 27.09.201513.10.2015
13Analysis of the Possibilities for Using a Uniform Bragg Gratingin a Tunable Dispersion Compensator 24.09.201525.09.2015
14Analytical determination of the concentration indices 15.11.200911.01.2012
15Analytical determination of the minerals concentration indices 27.05.200930.07.2015
16Analytical functions of generalized complex variables and some applications 21.08.201521.08.2015
17Analytical functions of generalized complex variables and some applications 07.06.201417.09.2015
18Application of curvelet transform for denoising of CT images 31.05.201516.11.2015
19Application of Iterative Algorithm of Training of Single Neuron in Biometric Appendices 21.10.201410.01.2015
20Application of microlearning technique and Twitter for educational purposes. 25.01.201316.09.2015
21Application of Modern Informational Technologies in Education of Higher Educational Institutions to Improve the Quality Specialists Training 11.05.201514.01.2016
22Application of Statistical Linearized Models for Investigations of Digital Dynamic Pulse-Frequency Control Systems 03.09.201503.09.2015
23Application of the discrete-event simulation when optimizing of business processes in trading companies 19.05.201410.06.2014
24Application of the Discrete-event Simullation When Optimizing of Business processes in trading Companies 19.05.201428.01.2015
25Application of the Pert method in parameters matching within the evaluator group module 05.08.201505.10.2015
26Applied Problems of Markov Processes 25.04.201630.04.2016
27Applying the distributed information processing principle in opencast mining design 05.07.201505.10.2015
28Approach to the synthesis of pulse-frequency milk magnetization system 21.10.201416.02.2015
29ArCON көмегімен жобалауды үйрену 14.11.201124.01.2012
30Arduino-NANO микроконтроллерімен басқарылатын 4х4х4 жарықдиодты LED-кубы 10.04.201511.06.2015
31Assessing artificial groundwater recharge on irrigated land using the MODFLOW model 20.03.201526.10.2015
32Assessing the Level of Uncertainty of small samples of Multidimensional Biological and Biometric Data 25.07.201401.09.2014
33Assessment and forecasting of the subsurface drain of the Aral Sea, Central Asia 06.02.201702.08.2017
34Assessment of dynamic parameters of heavy-duty gears 10.12.201610.01.2017
35Assessment of environmental pollution of gaseous emissions of chemical paints by mathematical modeling 09.07.201510.11.2015
36Assessment of Exploitation Vulnerability of Quantum Communication Systems with Phase Encryption 10.06.201503.09.2015
37Assessment on the rare metal ore mineralization of the selected areas in central Africa (Republic of Burundi) 05.09.201422.10.2015
38Audiometric characteristics of doulbe-chamber ball mill of «polysius» type 05.11.201314.01.2015
39Autocad - как вспомогательное средство при обучении студентов начертательной геометрии 12.01.201212.01.2012
40Autocad и инженерная графика 12.01.200212.01.2012
41Autodesk maya және unreal engine 4 программасында "бәйге" ойынын құру 12.04.201626.05.2016
42Automated NMR-relaxometry for control of production and quality 31.01.201431.07.2014
43Automatic milk quality control system 19.06.201331.07.2014
45Automation of direct measurement and control volumetric flow 26.06.201504.11.2015
46Automation of calculation of optimal parameters of two-level mining of benches with cross-section panels by excavator-avto truck complexes 11.11.201506.04.2016
47Automation of direct measurement and control of volumetric flow 01.11.201525.01.2016
48Automation of direct measurement and control of volumetric flow 23.11.201529.11.2015
49Automation of measurement and control for the process of fluid consumption in precision measurement equipment 16.06.201416.01.2015
50Automation of measurement and control for the process of fluid consumption in precision measurement equipment 25.06.201407.05.2014
51Awakened oscillations in coupled consumer-resource pairs 11.09.201411.09.2014
52Basic technigues in teacning english 25.11.201023.01.2014
53Behavior of annealed polyampholytes and polycarboxybetaines in aqueous salt solutions 05.01.200409.12.2011
54Behavior of gellanin aqueous-salt solutions and oilfield saline water 15.12.201508.01.2016
55Behavior of macrofragmentation of shear-induced deformation and of reorientation of macroregions formed in aluminum single crystals under compression 14.08.201511.10.2015
56Bifurcation of extremals in the parametric control problem for the three-sector model of economy 18.06.201023.01.2014
57BIM-технологии в архитектурном образовании 03.04.201602.04.2016
58Biometric Dynamic Personality Authentication in Open Information Space 15.10.201314.11.2013
59Biometric Technology in Securing the Internet Using Large Neural Network Technology 21.07.201326.07.2013
60Biooxidation of a Double_Refractory Gold_Bearing Sulfide Ore Concentrate 21.09.201521.10.2015
61Blended Learning 03.05.201226.02.2013
62Boundary depositions of the tournaisian and visean stages of zhertansay section in big Karatau (South Kazakhstan) 07.07.201628.09.2016
63Boundary element method for transient problems of thermoelastodynamics 30.09.201522.10.2015
64Boundary sediments between Visean and Serpkhovian stage in the Big Karatau (southern Kazakhstan) 16.06.201321.10.2015
65Breaking Down Administrative Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan 15.01.201215.01.2012
66Calculation 15-Fold Integrals by Method of Optimal Coefficients for Small Values of the Numbers of Knots Quadrature Formulas 20.06.200320.06.2014
67Calculation of air exchange of the assembly shop 28.05.201406.06.2014
68Calculation of economical efficiency of labor protection measures at the LLP "Techno Trading LTD" 29.05.201523.06.2015
69Calculation of frequency characteristics of split phase of power transmissions lines 11.09.201529.04.2017
70Calculation tenfold integral by method of optimal coefficients with provision for numbers of knots quadrature formulas 28.06.201211.03.2015