Open access OnePetro E-library

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     Our University provided access OnePetro E-library. - branch electronic library that provides simple tools to access and search across a broad range of technical literature in the field of development and exploration of oil and gas fields and extraction of oil and gas. In one place the documents published by professional associations and authoritative organizations in the sphere of oil and gas industry. OnePetro – documents on the development of oil and gas fields and production of oil and gas.

Information for Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

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     January 18, 2017 in the Scientific library was held the Information Day for the faculty and undergraduates of the Department "Electrical Engineering and Automation of Technological complexes", "Technology and Technique of Drilling wells", "Chemical technology of organic substances".
     The employees of Informational-analytical Department familiarized the users with the electronic resources of Scientific library, held consultations and workshops on working with the foreign database.

Cleanup Day in the Scientific Library

Dear users!

   Pay attention to changes in the mode of operation of the Scientific library:
пevery last Thursday of the month is a cleanup day.
In cleanup days readers are not served.

Base: the Order of the rector of 13.12.2016, №. 462-P.

Springer e-Books

Dear users!

   The Scientific library acquired a thematic collection of electronic books published by Springer 2014-2015 on the following topics:
     - Energy 2015
     - Engineering 2014
     - Engineering 2015

   To view the electronic book – click on the name of the themed collections. For all questions, please call ext. tel. 7331 (room 260)

110th anniversary Ashira Burkitbaeva

Dear users!

December 23, 2016 in the foyer of the conference hall KazNRTU organized the book-illustrative exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary Ashira Burkitbaeva.

We invite you to a seminar on the use of resources EBSCO

Dear users!

   December 23, 10:00 h. we invite You to take part in the seminar from the company EBSCO.
     Training for users across all resources of EBSCO available KazNRTU, will be conducted by the representative of Tamil Mirkamilov.
     EBSCO is a leading provider of electronic services and databases in the information services market.
     The seminar will be held in the reading room Scientific library (№ 265, MMC).

We invite everyone

Біздің тірегіміз – тәуелсіздік, тілегіміз – тұрақтылық, білегіміз – бірлік!

   December 8, 2016 in the foyer of the assembly hall of KazNRTU organized the book-illustrative exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan "Біздің тірегіміз – тәуелсіздік, тілегіміз – тұрақтылық, білегіміз – бірлік!"..

     The exhibition presents the publications telling about the formation of the Kazakh statehood, the achievements in socio-economic, scientific and cultural fields, foreign policy and external economic relations, as well as the proceedings and materials about the life and scientific activity of scientists Satpayev Kanysh Imantaevich and Mashanova Akzhan of Zhaksybekova.