About the Library

      Scientific Library of the Kazakh National Research Technical University after K.I. Satpayev is a cultural and educational center for students, faculty and teaching and support staff. It concentrated textbooks, monographs, remarkable examples of fiction, rare books of XVI-XIX centuries.

Scientific Library of KazNTU - one of the largest high school libraries in the Republic of Kazakhstan, founded in September 22, 1934 in the year of the institute foundation, on the basis of the library of Semipalatinsk geological exploration college fund with an initial 1,000 copies. The first head of the library was appointed Zaozersky A.I. At first, the library fund was small, it was not enough equipment, staff consisted of two people. By the end of 1934, there were 8692 bookd in the library that not satisfy the needs of students and teachers. Library did not have even the necessary textbooks and teaching materials, whose extradition was made by the order of departments, the rate of one book for 10 people. Since 1955, the library began to fill the edition of the Ministry, black, non-ferrous metallurgy, coal industry of Kazakhstan.

In the 50-60's the Library received the books, many of which are rare, on geology, mining from the private libraries of scientists V. Tabor, V.K. Monich, K.G.Voynovskogo-Krieger, A.V. Brichkina.

After the opening of new faculties and reorganization of the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute to the Polytechnic, the leading universities of the country: Moscow Mining and Energy, Leningrad Mining and Polytechnic, Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute - assisted in Library Acquisition. There are textbooks and manuals of staff and alumni of the Institute: "Geology and petroleum potential of the Aktobe Urals and Western Urals" P.Y. Avrova, "Lower Paleozoic vanadium basin of the Northern Tien Shan and the western outskirts of the Central Kazakhstan" S.G. Ankinovicha , "A short course of Geology of the USSR", E.D. Shlygin, "Classification and selection of methods of underground mining" O.A. Baykonurov and others.

In 1960 was founded a department of acquisition and processing of the scientific literature. Was initiated reclassification of catalogs under the new scheme of the Universal Decimal Classification. Library and University of the same age, lived with it, developed, acquired a new quality, carried out the library and information services to students and scholars in the main areas of their activities. A generation of specialists has grown by the library funds. The library is a concentration of scientific, technical ideas, a source of knowledge and information for scholars, graduate students, as has been held, and those who are going to be - students and pupils. This indicates an important position occupied by a library in teaching and research work of the University. Scientific library has a fund more than 2 million copies, of which in Kazakh 504,919 copies, in other languages 44,432 thousand copies, which every year updated with new editions. Readers of the Scientific library are more than 15 thousand people, it is not only students but also the faculty, researchers, educational support personnel, and other categories of staff of the University.

All the activities of the Scientific Library is aimed at providing literature of the learning process, research, and cultural needs of its readers.

Scientific Library represents 8 subscriptions and 10 reading rooms. Number of seats in the halls are 1650. Scientific Library annually registers more than 600,000 visits, delivers up to 1 million books, magazines and newspapers. Subscribed more than 500 names of Kazakh and Russian periodicals.

In 1998, there was open Internet hall at the library, university students have access to the global information network. Electronic Library is visited over 40,000 people per year.

Since 1997 - Regional methodological center for technical libraries of educational institutions: conducting scientific and methodical, organizational and coordination work with subordinate libraries.

Scientific Library of KazNTU - member of the Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Association of University Libraries of Kazakhstan, a member of Information Consortium of the libraries of Kazakhstan. Scientific Library has an electronic catalog, which is from 1998 and is presented on the internet, database of textual information of legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan "IS Paragraph", "Etalon" and automated bibliographic card file of scientific works of the faculty of the University.

Works of the scientists of the University Scientific Library represents on the Internet. Information about the library on the Internet at: http://e-lib.kazntu.kz.

Scientific Library is expanding international relations, book exchange is conducted with university libraries of the CIS and other foreign countries. Scientific Library tends to its rich information potential as was used by readers. For this purpose, is conducted much information work. Organized exhibitions, open views of literature, published a monthly Information Guide "New literature was coming to hand ...in ", "Subscription". Bibliographic Information Department released bibliographies of scientific works of the faculty of KazNRTU, released more than 75 bibliographical pointers dedicated to the anniversaries of the university scientists. On the basis of the Library held conferences, seminars on various topics of library activities. Yearly Scientific Library pursues courses for freshmen "bibliographic knowledge." Scientific Library is constantly in search of new technologies and methods of work, designed to assist the learning process, for the formation of the students.

Since 2009, the Scientific Library has started creation of Electronic library. For today, the fund of Electronic Library is of over 5,000 units. In 2013, a book scanner bought Elar PlanScan, which allows to increase the fund of Electronic Library.