Dear teachers, researchers and young scientists!






We invite You to become a participant of the seminar devoted to the world practice of using bibliometry and patent data in the management and evaluation of scientific results. 

The seminar will issues such as: 

How to carry out benchmarking (comparison) of scientific results of Satbayev University with similar indicators of other Universities?

How to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the University science?

How to understand in which magazines our employees prefer to be published?

How does the choice of the journal affect the citation of works?

How to form a publication strategy of the University?

What subtleties exist in the evaluation of the scientific performance of individual employees?

At the seminar you can find answers to your questions on the publication of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

The seminar will be held in the reading room 265, Scientific library. 

Date: 27.02.2009. 

Start: 11:00 h.