"One country – one book".


On october, 24 in the framework of the program  "Ruhani zhangyru" meeting of students Satbayev University with the writer, Zeynep Akhmetova of daughter -in -law of Hero of the Soviet Union Bauyrzhan Momyshuly. The meeting was devoted to discussion of the works of B. Momyshuly " Ұшқан ұя ", one of the books of the stock "One country – one book". Zeynep Akhmetova told about the personality of the legendary Batyr, answered questions about how to become similar to Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, family relationships. They also touched upon the theme of maintaining traditions and customs of the Kazakh people raised Zeynep Akhmetova in the books «Шуақты күндер», «Бабалар аманаты», «Күретамыр».