Vestnik KazNRTU

Published a new issue of the journal "Vestnik KazNRTU" № 2(126)/2018.

In this issue:

Earth sciences

Baibatsha A.B., Omarova G.M., Kassenova A.T. Zonality and mineral composition of ore-controlled metasomatites of kokkiya gold field 

Technical sciences

Mukhayeva S.K., Esentai A.M., Babashova D.E., Ermakhanbetova M.E., Omarova Zh.B. Mechanisms of development of integrated management systems and main problems of integration

Physico-mathematical sciences 

Drobyshev A., Aldiyarov A., Aktayev A., Zhexen U. IR spectrometric studies of spin-nuclear transformation in cryodeposited methane films 

Chemical and metallurgical sciences

Төрепашқызы Б.Т.,Bergenzhanova G.R., Berkutbaeva R.A., Kuandikova A.A., Shalbulov Sh.Zh. Carbonate-containing additive - catalyst combustion of fuel oil

These and other materials found in the new issue of the journal "Vestnik KazNRTU. - № 2(126)/2018.