Heroes of our time

      On may 3, the Scientific library of KazNRTU in the historical Museum there was held an event dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. The evening meeting of the "Heroes of our time" was invited to the soldiers-internationalists, members of our University have passed through the crucible of the Afghan war - Berdibekov A.A. - Director of the Kazakh-French center and Zubkov V.V.– the master of a factory.


     February 15, 1989 ended a war that lasted two times longer than The Great Patriotic War. A war that was long suppressed, dosed out the truth, gave the order. But the war broke poems and songs, tragic, bright and courageous, sincere and poignant, which were performed by the veterans themselves and the participants.
In addition to songs, memoirs and poems asked many questions and unexpected answers, the evening passed in a warm and friendly atmosphere. And the guests and all the participants agreed on was that every era creates its own heroes. But the feat of arms at all times stood on high moral pedestal, crowning the best qualities of a person – citizen, the patriot, the Defender of the Fatherland!